Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue For Young Blackshirts (1930)

1. Believe in God, venerate your King, faithfully follow the Duce.

2. Selflessly love the Family, love the Fatherland with dedication.

3. Be proud to obey and be happy to do your duty.

4. Strengthen your courage, because you are always willing to dare.

5. Be lenient with your comrade, never with yourself.

6. Your only enemies are the enemies of Italy and Fascism.

7. Set a noble goal for yourself in life, and pursue it with all your strength: man is the maker of his own destiny.

8. Confront and endure pain in the Roman manner.

9. Be mild and good: goodness is a strong and manly virtue.

10. In every act of your life remember that you are Italian and Fascist.