Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the Fascist Soldier (1935)

1. Know thou that the Fascist, and especially the soldier, should not believe in perpetual peace.

2. Days spent in prison are always merited.

3. One serves the Fatherland even by standing guard at a gasoline tank.

4. A companion must be a brother: first because he lives with you, and second because he thinks like you.

5. The rifle, the munitions belt, the bayonet, etc., have not been entrusted to you to be worn at your ease, but to be preserved for war.

6. Never say "the government will pay," because it is you who pays, and the government is that which you have willed and for which you put on the uniform.

7. Discipline is the sun of the armies; without it there are no soldiers, only confusion and defeat.

8. Mussolini is always right.

9. The volunteer profits by no extenuating circumstances if he disobeys.

10. One thing must be dear to you above all: the life of the Duce.