Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the Diary of the Will (1927)

(Extracted from Il diario della volontà, 1927)

What is the commandment of the Fascist?

Here is the commandment of the Fascist:

1. He loves to work for that pride which gives to the individual, and for the harmony which creates the Nation.

2. That faith always triumphs over the selfish reason of self-advantage, of obstinacy and personalism.

3. He believes that every dispute and every dissension is a hindrance to the admirable order of the Leader.

4. He believes that every rash action is an insult to those who actually fought in the war and in the Revolution.

Can this faith change the Italian people?

This faith will profoundly change the spirit of the Italian people: it will give them a new way of life.

What is this way of life?

1. To live courageously;

2. to live dangerously;

3. to feel repugnance for the comfortable and soft life;

4. to be always ready to dare as much in the individual life as in the collective life;

5. to love the truth and abhor falsehood;

6. to love frank sincerity and abhor that which is sneaky;

7. to feel in every hour the pride of being Italians; to work with discipline; to respect authority.