Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the Citizen-Soldier (1935)

1. Duty is your uniform and the guiding force of your every action.

2. Learn to love and honour the Fatherland above all else.

3. Let your faith be pure as a gem, solid as a rock and burn like the sun.

4. Ask God every day for the strength and the courage to become a better pupil-soldier-citizen.

5. Your thoughts, like your actions, must always be worthy of the task entrusted to you.

6. Sacrifice your life for the Fatherland, for the King, for the Duce.

7. The future is in your hands: everyone's hope is in your youth.

8. The best reward for your labour is the consciousness of having done good.

9. Do not forget that discipline is the first virtue of the soldier and the citizen.

10. The glory will go to you if you deserve it.