Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the Vanguard in Camp (1930)

1. Wear with pride the uniform that the Duce has given you.

2. It is your behaviour that will judge your country and your family.

3. For you there is no prison: if you are not worthy of the uniform it will be taken from you.

4. Discipline belongs to the strong: the Vanguard who wants to be worthy of Fascism must be strong.

5. The tent must be as loved as the house: this is what differentiates the citizen from the soldier.

6. If you think that the straw and the ground are too hard, remember that the battles on the rocks of the Carso were even harder.

7. Do not despise the mess kit! It would be like profaning the symbol of our Infantryman.

8. If the broth is cold, accept it with contentment.

9. If the bread is hard, remember that there are those who need it and do not have it.

10. Vanguard of Etna and the Alps: remember that youth is always a great source of the most beautiful friendships.