My Life From July 29, 1883 to November 23, 1911 (1911-1912)
My Diary of War (1915-1917)
A Diary of the Will (1927)
My Autobiography (1928)
The Life of Arnaldo (1933)
Speaking With Bruno (1942)
Pontine and Sardinian Thoughts (1943)
Story of a Year: The Time of the Carrot and the Stick (1944)

Nail Them to the Roots (1924)
Exhibition of the Fascist Revolution (1933)
Fascist Culture (1936)
The Fascist Economy (1936)
The Fascist State System (1936)
The National Fascist Party (1936)
The Social Policy of Fascism (1936)
The First Book of Fascism (1938) (1941 Edition)
The Second Book of Fascism (1939) (1941 Edition)
The Catechism of Race (1940)

Basic Rules of the Black Brigades (1944)

Fascism (1923) by Emilio Papasogli
The Fascist Movement in Italian Life (1923) by Pietro Gorgolini
The Awakening of Italy: The Fascista Regeneration (1924) by Luigi Villari
Fascists and Catholics (1924) by Piero Misciatelli
Italian Fascism (1925) by Francesco Cambò
The Political Doctrine of Fascism (1925) by Alfredo Rocco
What is Fascism? (1925) by Giovanni Gentile
The Transformation of the State (1927) by Alfredo Rocco
Fascism and Culture (1928) by Giovanni Gentile
A Fascist Pope (1929) by Ugo Cuesta
The Great Leader (1929) by Lelio Fiori
The Roman Accord (1929) by Beniamino de Ritis
What is Fascism and Why? (1931) by Tomaso Sillani
The Duce: An Account of His Life for the Youth (1932) by Aldo Pasetti
History of Fascism (1932) by Gioacchino Volpe
Fascism and People (1933) by Giulio De Rossi Dell'Arno
The Ideal March of Fascist Civilization on the World (1933) by Niccolò Giani
The Italian Corporative State (1933) by Fausto Pitigliani
What is Fascism (1933) by Ernesto Bignami
After the Fascist Revolution (1934) by Don Luigi Dilda
Europe Without Europeans? (1934) by Gugliemo Danzi
Genesis of Fascism (1935) by Gioacchino Volpe
Corporativism Observed From a Factory (1936) by Bernardo Giovenale
The Fascist Revolution (1936) by Francesco Ercole
Mussolini: Creator of the Economy (1936) by Ennio Ronchi
The Philosophy of Fascism (1936) by Mario Palmieri
A Catholic and Israel (1937) by Catholicus
What Italy Owes to Mussolini (1937) by Mario Missiroli
Fascism and Bolshevism (1938) by Francesco Coppola
Fascism Against Communism (1938) by Antonio Pagliaro
The People in Fascism (1938) by Tullio Cianetti
The Cross and the Sword Against the Hammer and Sickle (1939) by Enrico Martini
Ideal Revolution (1939) by Edgardo Sulis
The Official Life of Benito Mussolini (1939) by Giorgio Pini
Patriotic Conferences (1939) by Padre Reginaldo Giuliani
Ten Years of Integral Land-Reclamation Under the Mussolini Act (1939) by Giuseppe Tassinari
The Way of the Lictor (1940) by Ugo Cuesta
History of Fascism (1940) by Roberto Farinacci
Judaism, Bolshevism, Plutocracy, Masonry (1941) by Giovanni Preziosi
The War of the Axis and the World of Tomorrow (1941) by Mario Appelius
Truths and Lies About Fascism (1945) by Carlo Alberto Biggini