Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the Young Fascist (1931)

(Published in Gioventù fascista, Anno 1, N. 27, 1931)

by Giovanni Giuriati

1. God and country first: all other affections come after love for these.

2. He who is not ready to sacrifice body and soul to the Fatherland and to serve the Duce without question is unworthy to wear the black shirt; Fascism rejects lukewarm faiths and halfhearted characters.

3. Use all your intelligence to understand the orders you receive and all your enthusiasm to obey them and carry them out.

4. Discipline is not only a virtue for a soldier in the ranks. It should be a daily and hourly habit.

5. A bad son and a negligent pupil cannot be good Fascists.

6. Employ your time and talents so that work becomes a pleasure and pleasure becomes work.

7. Learn to suffer without grumbling, to be generous without expecting a reward.

8. Carry out good actions as you would war: to their end; do not leave them only half accomplished.

9. Be daring and courageous in moments of difficulty and desperation.

10. Thank God devoutly every day that He has made you an Italian Fascist.