Decrees and Laws

Law of November 26, 1925: On Secret Societies
Law of December 24, 1925: The Powers and Prerogatives of the Head of Government
Law of December 31, 1925: The Press
Law of April 3, 1926: On Lock-Outs and Strikes
Law of November 25, 1926: The Defense of the State
Law of December 9, 1928: Constitution and Attributes of the Grand Council of Fascism
Law of July 6, 1933: Organic Law for Eritrea and Italian Somaliland
Law of February 5, 1934: On Guilds
Law of April 19, 1937: Penalties for Conjugal Relations Between Citizens and Subjects

Law of September 5, 1938: Provisions For the Defense of the Race in Schools
Law of September 7, 1938: Provisions Against Foreign Jews
Law of September 23, 1938: Establishment of Elementary Schools for Jewish Children
Law of November 15, 1938: Integration and Coordination of Laws Already Enacted For the Defense of the Race in Italian Schools
Law of November 17, 1938: Provisions For the Italian Race
Law of June 29, 1939: Law on the Exercise of Professions by Jews
Law of July 13, 1939: Law on the Regulation of Jewish Surnames
Law of September 28, 1940: Repeal of the Law of July 30, 1896 on Jewish Kindergartens
Law of September 28, 1940: Additions to the Law of July 13, 1939 on Jewish Surnames