Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the Balilla (1929)

1. Love the Fatherland as your parents; love your parents as your Fatherland.

2. Be religious, sincere and perform the duties of a Christian.

3. Never use your strength against the weak; defend the weak if attacked by the strong.

4. Help those in need: the mind of those who want to learn; the heart of those who lack affection; the substances of those who hunger; the life of those who are about to lose it.

5. Always perform your duties as a son, a brother, a pupil, a comrade.

6. Do not be idle, because he who does not work does not produce, and he who is not a good Ballila is not a good Italian.

7. Respect all things that are not yours, whether private or public.

8. In a Church, before a sacred image, think of God; in a Memorial Park, before a monument or plaque dedicated to the Dead, think of Italy and be ready to shed all your blood for it.

9. Remember that Giovan Battista Perasso (called 'Balilla'), in times of servitude, threw the first stone to expel the invaders. Today Italy is free, but one day it may need your life in order to become great. Hasten to its first call.

10. Balilla, Vanguard, Fascist: do not disobey the commands of your superior, nor the commands of the Duce.