Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of Leo Longanesi (1926)

1. Disobeying your commander means disobeying the entire hierarchy of superiors, the head of which is the Duce.

2. The rifle, the rank, the cartridge belt, the bayonet, etc., are not entrusted to you to be wasted in idleness, but to be preserved for war.

3. The Fatherland is served even by standing guard at a gasoline tank.

4. Days spent in prison are always deserved.

5. Discipline is the sun of hosts: without it, you do not have soldiers, but anarchists.

6. Ruining an object of the State means ruining ones own.

7. Benito Mussolini is always right.

8. A companion must be a brother! First, because he lives with you. Second, because he thinks like you.

9. Do not say "the government will pay," because it is you who pays, and the government is that which you have willed, and for which you wear the uniform.

10. A soldier, and a Fascist especially, can not be a pacifist. For you war must be like bread.