Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the New Italian (1939)

(Also known as the "Decalogue of the Mystical Fascist", compiled by Niccolò Giani in 1939 from the writings and speeches of Arnaldo Mussolini.)

1. There are no privileges, except that of being the first to fulfill hard work and duty.

2. Accept all responsibilities, understand all acts of heroism, feel as young Italians and Fascists the masculine poetry of adventure and danger.

3. Be intransigent. Stick to your post of duty and labour, whatever it may be. Be equally capable of commanding and obeying.

4. We have a witness from whom no secret can ever be hidden: the witness of our conscience. Your conscience must be your most severe and most relentless judge.

5. Have faith, believe firmly in the virtue of performed duty, reject skepticism, will for good and work for it in silence.

6. Do not forget that wealth is only a means, sometimes necessary, but not enough in itself to create a true civilization, if you do not also affirm those high ideals which are the essence and profound reason of human life.

7. Do not indulge in the immorality of bitter transactions and greedy struggles in order to get ahead. Consider yourself a soldier always ready to answer the call of duty, but never become a careerist or seeker of vainglory.

8. Become close to the humble population through the intellect of love, strive to elevate them to an ever higher moral vision of life. But to achieve this you must set an example of integrity.

9. Work on yourself and on your own mind before preaching to others. Behavior and actions are more important than speeches.

10. Disdain mediocre stories, never fall into vulgarity, believe firmly in good. Always be near to the truth and trust in generous goodness.