Friday, March 9, 2012

Review of "Here's the Devil: Israel!"

(Published in La Rassegna nazionale, 1939)

By O. B. Prini [Orazia Belsito Prini]

Piero Pellicano — HERE'S THE DEVIL: ISRAEL! — Published by Baldini & Castoldi — Milan.

The importance of Piero Pellicano's book will be better understood by the readers if, after reading Here's the Devil: Israel!, they read or re-read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which Preziosi has published for the first time in Italy since 1921.

In addition to being important and sumptuous, the Marquis Pellicano has published a book that documents the most suspicious and seemingly detached facts and actions of international Jewish plutocracy. All the "color piece" journalists and journalists who write on page three in newspapers, as well as many of those who deal with foreign policy, ignore or wish to ignore The Protocols and the volume by Pellicano; or, in cases where they do not ignore these two books – which are the key to justly guiding political thought towards the clearest horizons of a true and fair European and global balance – they do not give them the importance they deserve, especially in these decisive hours in the history of Europe and the world.

I often wonder why in Rome you almost never see them in bookshop windows, and if you specifically ask for them, the salesman will lead you upstairs and, after slowly searching the shelves or the back room, he brings them to you almost absentmindedly.

In Milan, however, the Treves bookshop openly displays dozens of anti-Jewish books; and Cremona is an anti-Jewish bulwark par excellence; there you can see these books on display everywhere and you can obtain them very easily. I am heartened to read about the latest edition of The Protocols: 36 to 50 thousand copies. This means that the slow, but tenacious work of Preziosi also serves to popularize the monumental book by Pellicano.

In this book it is clearly demonstrated that Judaism, Bolshevism, Communism and False "Catholicism" are not rings of pacifistic cosmopolitanism, as they like to pretend, but in reality they are terrible warmongers and profiteers.

All the forces at work in history are today organized into two groups: one is the vital group; the other is the group which denies spiritual light. The first was created by the Duce and is called Fascism; the second is the one guided by the materialistic and poisonous power of money-making: Bolshevism, the enemy of Romanness, enemy of the Faith, enemy of the spiritual elevation of peoples.

The philo-semites, ignorant of the underground struggles that for centuries the enemies of Christianity have fought in the most impetuous ways to dominate the world, will learn a lot from this volume: Here's the Devil: Israel!. Due to their evil and much too compassionate misunderstanding, they deserve the prophetic and admonishing words of Dante, who centuries ago already thought what the Duce today is putting into action: "Be men, not brainless sheep, so that the Jew may not laugh at you in your midst!"

Today, the conspiracy of silence on the Jewish Problem has been broken by the will of Fascism, which has recognized and praised the tenaciously patriotic and altruistic work of Giovanni Preziosi, his magazine "Vita Italiana" and all his collaborators, including the Marquis Piero Pellicano, a courageous and accurate documentarian with his work Here's the Devil: Israel!.

It is necessary to remember, as Pellicano does in his book and as "Il Popolo d'Italia" has recently pointed out, that the Duce had clearly expressed his thoughts in the article "Judaism, Bolshevism, Fascism" — an article that can be found in the complete works of the Duce, edited by Hoepli, but which is often forgotten, perhaps because it was not a speech. The article clearly documented the thoughts and intentions of the Duce in 1919 concerning race and the defense of healthy and pure Italianism in the face of the Jewish-Bolshevik peril which was trying to subvert healthy, strong and highly nationalist men in order to subtly submerge them with political, financial and social immorality.

Let us therefore defend ourselves individually, because the law protects us collectively, but the wickedness of the enemy is such that we already see how he seeks (and often succeeds) to escape from what the laws explicitly command.

How can we defend ourselves? By knowing the enemy's plans. Therefore it is necessary, useful and urgent for every sincere Fascist and every good Catholic, who is proud of being Italian, to first read and then meditate upon The Protocols, and to follow up this tremendous task by reading the enlightening book Here's the Devil: Israel!, in order to deepen — with inexhaustible documentation — their knowledge of all the ancient and recent plots of this rabid people who are enemies of Christianity.