Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the Balilla (1927)

(Published in Per la nuova anima italiana, 1927)

By Giuseppe Spina

1. The Balilla is a young Fascist and, just like his older brother, he loves the Fatherland, the Duce and the King, ready to shout: "Chi l'inse!" if the Fatherland were maimed.

2. The word of the Balilla is more sacred than an oath.

3. The Balilla is strong, generous, and knows he must help the weak, even at the risk of his own life.

4. The Balilla practices the spirit of brotherhood only among those who love the country.

5. The Balilla has a sense of hierarchy, and unconditionally obeys his superiors and the leaders who command him.

6. The Balilla is a young rebuilder, not a vandal, he loves animals, respect plants, and does not damage public works.

7. The Balilla is kind and polite, without being mushy.

8. The Balilla, flower of youth, is always cheerful and performs his dutiful tasks with serenity and enthusiasm.

9. The Balilla resists thirst, knows how to endure hunger, knows how to be in the sun and and sweat without complaint.

10. The Balilla professes and practices the religion of the State, does not blaspheme, nor mutters profane words, nor performs acts that diminish his dignity as a young Fascist or the dignity of the great family to which he belongs.