Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the Decima MAS RSI (1943)

(Decalogue of the Xª Flottiglia MAS of the Italian Social Republic. Composed by Junio Valerio Borghese sometime between July 25, 1943 and April 1945.)

1. God, Fatherland and Family are the principles of your existence.

2. If you give your word, let it be as the gospel. Do not make compromises, and you will not be compromised.

3. Defend the Fatherland against any invader. Its borders are intangible and for them you must fight to the ultimate sacrifice.

4. In peace or in war be loyal, honest and hard-working to feel proud to be Italian.

5. Respect yourself, respect others—you will be respected.

6. Stay true to your word and do not betray. Do not attack from behind: enemy and death must look each other in the face.

7. Discipline will be your guide: be able and know how to obey orders.

8. Your words fly, your example will drag.

9. Your thoughts, your actions, and your will must be consistent with the defense of the dignity and honour of the Fatherland.

10. Membership in the Decima is proudly your pride.