Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Decalogue of the Young Italian Girl (1935)

Young Italian girl, these are some precepts that should inspire you:

1. Fulfill your duty as a daughter, a sister, a schoolgirl, a friend, with kindness and joy, even if the duty is sometimes heavy.

2. Serve the Fatherland as the greatest Mother, the Mother of all good Italians.

3. Love the Duce, who has made the Fatherland strong and great.

4. Obey your superiors with joy.

5. Have the courage to oppose those who recommend evil and mock honesty.

6. Teach your body to overcome fatigue and teach your soul not to fear sorrow.

7. Flee from stupid vanity, but love beautiful things.

8. Love the work that is life and harmony.

Young Italian girl, these are your ten commandments of discipline:

1. Pray for peace, but prepare your heart for war.

2. Every misfortune is mitigated by strength of mind, work and charity.

3. The Fatherland is served even when sweeping in the home.

4. Civil discipline begins with familial discipline.

5. The citizen lives for the defense and glory of the Fatherland, as well as his mother, his sisters and his spouse.

6. The soldier supports every effort and every vicissitude for the defense of his women and his home.

7. During war, the discipline of the troops reflects the moral stamina of the families to which the woman presides over.

8. The woman is the first person responsible for the destiny of a people.

9. The Duce has reconstructed the true Italian family: full of children, frugal in needs, tenacious in struggle, ardent in the Fascist and Christian faith.

10. The Italian woman is mobilized to the service of the Fatherland by the Duce.