Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Too Much is Crippling

(Published in Il Popolo d'Italia, December 30, 1936)

By Benito Mussolini

Absent-minded people, or those who pretend to be so, ask themselves how anti-Semitism is born, how and why people become anti-Semitic without any prompting from nature. The answer is very simple: anti-Semitism is inevitable wherever Semitism becomes too powerful, too intrusive and too arrogant. The Jew himself is the cause of anti-Jewish sentiment. Do you want an explanation for the revival of anti-Semitism in France? Let's read the article by Beraud in the latest issue of Gringoire, which demonstrates, with a list of names, that in all the ministries of the Republic, under the government headed by the Jew Blum, a Jewish cell has been formed which quietly governs France. Here is the list:
Presidency of the Council. Cabinet: MM. A. Blumel, Jew; Jules Moch, Jew; Heilbronner, Jew; Grünebaum-Balin, Jew; R. Hug, Jew; Mmes Picard-Moch, Jewess; Madeleine Osmin, Jewess.

Undersecretary of State. Cabinet: M. Mumber, Jew.

Ministry of State. Cabinet: M. J. Schuler, Jew.

Ministry of Justice. Cabinet: MM. Weil, Jew; Pierre Rodrigues, Jew.

Ministry of the Interior. Cabinet: MM. Bechoff, Jew; Salomon, Jew; Cahen-Salvador, Jew.

Ministry of Finance. Cabinet: M. Weil-Raynal, Jew.

National Education. Cabinet: M. Marcel Abraham, Jew; J. J. Moerer, Jew; E. Wellhof, Jew; Adrienne Weil, Jewess; S. Chaskin, Jewess.

National Economy. Cabinet: Cahen-Salvador, Jew.

Mercantile Marine. Cabinet: M. Gregh, Jew

Agriculture. Cabinet: MM. R. Lyon, Jew; R. Kiefe, Jew; R. Veil, Jew.

Labour. Cabinet: J. F. Dreyfus, Jew.

Posts, Telegraphs, and Telephones. Cabinet: MM. Didkowsky, Jew; H. Grimm, Jew.

Public Health. Cabinet: MM. Hazemann, Jew; A. Rozier, Jew; M. Wusler, Jew

Physical Education. Cabinet: M. Endlitz, Jew...
This list of names speaks for itself. Do you know what proportion of the French population is Jewish? Two percent. No one can deny that there is a striking disproportion between the number of Jews and the positions which they occupy. Now invert the percentages. Imagine a France in which two percent of the people were Christians and 98 percent were Jews. Clearly, given the ferocious exclusivism of the tribe, Christians would be totally banished from public life. At the very most, they would be allowed to work like slaves in order to let the Jews rest on the Sabbath.

The forerunner and justifier of anti-Semitism is always and everywhere the same: the Jew, whenever he becomes overbearing, as he so often does.