Friday, March 9, 2012

The Holy Crusade of Civilization Against Bolshevik Barbarism

(Published in La Rassegna nazionale, 1941)

By Giulio de' Rossi dell'Arno

Latin and Germanic Europe, Europe of a thousand lives, Europe the immortal sacred flame of civilization, God bless you!

Europe; now more than ever in the centuries you are subject to the violence of the barbarians of the East and of the West, and always you will triumph with the energy of your civilizing dynamism, Europe perennial spring of the nations, God bless you.

And God has blessed you, O Latin and Germanic Europe, O daughter of the sun — of the material sun and of the spiritual sun —, God has blessed you because you are the reflection of His light over all the earth: in the matter which is renewed and in the spirit which is eternal.

No force exceeds your strength, if you are wielding the sword in defense of the sacred heritage that God has made​​.

When your nations with love's rite return to kneeling before the sacred altar of Rome — the center of human and divine civilization — then they will derive, like Pegasus, an ever new inextinguishable victorious energy.

In vain does Bolshevism, the unclean profaner of every ideal, the denier of all spiritual power, the enemy of God and humanity rise against you, O Europe, in order to bend you to their satrapic and obscene blasphemous will, drunk with orgies and vodka.

In vain does the crippled despot in the White House, victim of Judaic trafficking, look on, livid with anger and corruption; on the ocean, as female prostitutes look at sailors in back alleys; your clear eye, O Europe, remains fixed only on the pure human soul, yearning to climb to the highest peaks of the civilization of Rome.

Stupid and criminal is the vendetta organized by the infernal groans in London and Washington, and by Farinata degli Uberti of the Ghetto, disobedient to the will of God, careless tools of the devil.

Ingenuously cloaked in the mask of international Jewry.

God has enlightened the people: Europe is the visionary.

She has seen the way of her salvation, triumph will save.

The nations of Europe are bound together in a single Fascio against the enemies of Europe and its civilization.

And behold, behind Italy, the theory of peoples thirsting for truth, peace, justice, fruitful love and fruitful works, eagerly rushing to quench their thirst at the source of civilization: in Rome.

There is no Christian heart or soul which does not sense the human and Christian beauty of the sacrifice demanded of their peoples by the Great Leaders of Italy and Germany, for the struggle against Bolshevism, the subverter of every moral, social and family principle; against Bolshevism, the profaner and destroyer of Churches and sacred icons; against Bolshevism, the cynical and barbaric murderer and torturer of Priests and Nuns.

If you love Christ, if you love the Fatherland, if you love family, if you love yourself and the values of the soul, how can you not enlist — in the name of honour and sacred duty — to fight in the ranks of the Axis?

It is the crusade of the civilization of Rome against the barbarism of demo-plutocracy and Bolshevism.

It is the crusade of love against the hatred sown among the peoples of liberalism and communism.

It is the crusade of the highest social justice proclaimed by Fascism, against the iniquities of class struggle preached by democracy and socialism.

It is the crusade of the servants of God against the servants of the devil.

The time has come, and we must fight and we must win.

We are all one mind gathered around the Duce because we believe, firmly believe, in the Christian and Fascist idea of a higher social justice, written on the black Pennants of the Revolution; we are gathered around the Duce to obey Him, who can not fail, enlightened as He is, by clear signs from Providence; we are gathered around the Duce to fight, how and where He commands, until we reach the most decisive and luminous victory which ever smiled upon a people.

Victory is always on the side of those who fight in the name of God.

Italy is with God.

Victory is ours.