Sunday, March 4, 2012

Speech in Gargnano, February 20, 1945

By Benito Mussolini

I listened with the greatest attention to your interesting and exhaustive report, which I will make public, because it draws encouragement and instruction even outside of your province.

In light of your documentation one can say and affirm that Padua is a teacher. This is due, first of all, to the fraternal collaboration of all the authorities and entities, as well as to the concordant discipline of the citizens and the rural people, so it can be said that every energy is conveyed with commitment and intelligence towards a common goal.

The more than satisfactory results prove it. You have walked with rapid steps towards what is now commonly called the "Labour State", i.e. the Italian Social Republic, in accordance with the first and immutable postulates of Fascism. Besides socialization, the fundamental cornerstone of the Republic, the working classes now have the administrative responsibility of the municipalities and of the food rationing problems that so closely affect the people.

As the Italian Social Republic gradually consolidates its structure and becomes ever more a regime of the people, it is necessary for it to be defended on the battle fronts in order to prevent the return of the reactionary monarchists and capitalists, represented by the treacherous Royal Government in Rome. The participation in the war and the internal social transformation must proceed conservatively, since they are interdependent. If there are elements within our ranks that do not realize the absolute necessity of this dual direction, then we are dealing with reactionary elements in the worst sense of the word and, as such, they must be removed from our ranks.

In light of the difficulties of the journey, I thank you for having traveled so far, and I ask you to deliver my greetings to the workers of your city and province, who with concrete facts prove they are worthy of an ever-present destiny.