Friday, March 9, 2012

Race and Customs

(Published in Gerarchia, September 1938)

By Fascist Writer

Once again, the developments of the Revolution depend upon its intransigence on all fronts.

A people is not truly a people unless it has a sense of Nation: but a Nation cannot emerge in the world if it does not have a sense of race.

Those Italians who pretended to be scandalized by Fascism's racist policy, insinuating that it was a German imitation, are the same people who feel themselves overwhelmed with joy when they fill their mouths with Anglo-French words or mimic American customs.

Having made Italy and made the Italians, we must also make Italian "customs".

The Italians who, in their first half century of life, took raw materials, machines, patents, technicians, capital, theories and sometimes even customs from abroad, must now, little by little, free themselves from all this foreign servitude and create a life which is frankly and independently national—autarkic in the true sense of the word.

Autarky of race and customs: first, fundamental, irrefutable autarky!

Fascist policy, which has the idea as its basis, is necessarily a policy of intransigence: it is therefore intransigent also in the sphere of race, where indulgence and compromise would not only harm the idea but would endanger the very physical and moral integrity of the people.

Racial admixture benefits the inferior element and harms the superior element. Only those who acknowledge themselves as inferior could find race-mixing to be dignified or advantageous.

Nationalism means first of all having pride in blood.

We do not want to confuse the people with scientific or philosophical super-racism. To the people we simply say: have pride in your blood; marry only Aryan and Italian women; and instill in your children a sense of race and religion of the Fatherland.