Friday, March 9, 2012

Words to the Young

(Published in Gerarchia, March 1940)

By Ettore Muti

School is the sacred place where the Fatherland, Religion, and Family are fulfilled, in marvelous unity, since it is necessary to provide Italy with men nourished in faith, ready to obey, and determined to fight.

Training the muscles is not an end in itself. Thus there is no formal education for its own sake. There is an education of the spirit through the education of the muscles. The sportsman is only complete if his physical improvement causes him him achieve moral improvement through greater self-confidence.

Our goal is clear: to prepare good soldiers that are, like the legionaries of Rome, vigorous and strong, courageous and disciplined, ready to kill and, if necessary, to die when the Duce commands. War veterans, you are the most capable of understanding that there is only a revolutionary Fascism, and that it is a Fascism which is active. There can not be a sedentary Fascism.

Consider in a special way the Roman step. It is a synthesis, mot only of a complete and well-assimilated education, but also, and above all, a perfect framing of the spirit, of the most rigid discipline, and a more conscious camaraderie.