Friday, March 9, 2012

The Jewish Problem in Italy

(Published in Gerarchia, June 1942)

By Roberto Pavese

As we begin to notice a more lively interest on the part of the Regime for the racial problem in general and for the Jewish problem in particular, we notice also a certain nonchalance on the part of certain supposedly "well-intentioned" people who claim that the Jewish problem in Italy is negligible or irrelevant. Therefore it is necessary to address and refute this propaganda once and for all.

The main argument in support of the aforementioned simplistic thesis is purely quantitative. They say: compared to other Nations, such as Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania, for whom the Jewish question had more considerable importance, and rightly so due to the high percentage of Jews in their respective populations, the number of Jews in Italy is so small that it does not merit any concern, especially if we consider our powerful assimilation capabilities in the face of other races.

However, this argument does not hold water, for various reasons:

1) because upon closer inspection the officially recognized figure of about 52,000 Jews residing in Italy (a figure, indeed, relatively small compared to the 694,000 in Germany, 280,000 in France, 3,300,000 in Poland and 985,000 in Romania, according to the data reported by the journal Deutsche Volkswirtschaft) is to be considered considerably lower than the reality, given the fact that many Jews hide their racial origin.

In fact, the aforementioned figure comes from the 1932 census, which also provided the basis for the statistical data presented in a press release published last October, according to which (taking into account the 7,300 or so Jews who left Italy before October 1, 1941) some 43,000 Jews would still remain in the Kingdom of Italy, of which about 35,000 have foreign citizenship. But from 1932 to today the number of Jews in Italy has increased significantly and the census of August 22, 1938 gives a total figure of about 70,000 Jews.

However, to this above-mentioned figure we must add also those Jews who were Aryanized after the promulgation of the racial laws and the discriminated Jews, who are not included in the data of the aforementioned press release.

We must also take into consideration that, precisely because of the strong assimilation capability of our race, the physical characteristics of the Jews living in Italy are much less evident than elsewhere, so that many of them have no difficulty passing as Aryans after conveniently changing their names.

2) Again, due to the minor physical difference of our Jews, there was no way of manifesting between us that sense of repulsion that usually occurs between individuals of distinctly different races.

As a result, unions and mixed marriages have been considerably more frequent in Italy than elsewhere, giving rise to a significant number of legitimate and illegitimate half-breeds, most of whom — as fruitful experience teaches us — remain biologically and above all morally linked to their Jewish side.

We are therefore not far from the truth when we suppose that, between Jews and Half Jews, the aforementioned figure of 50,000 people should at least be tripled.

3) But it does not end there: it is certainly not the quantitative element that makes the Jewish problem particularly serious in Italy. What seriously aggravates things is the qualitative factor. Every Italian Jew, in light of his rank, his culture, his racial activity, his lack of scruples, and the absolute freedom of action that he has enjoyed and in part continues to enjoy despite the recent racial laws, it is not an exaggeration to state that the effects of the material and moral damage they have caused to the political-social structure of the Nation is equivalent to ten of those minor Jewish peddlers who are swarming among the Jewish masses of those Nations with a higher percentage of Semites.

It will not be without interest to note in this regard that the bulk of Jewish immigration to the Italian Peninsula is made up of Spanish Jews of the "Sephardic" group ('Sephard' means Spain) who are notoriously the most virulent and extremist advocates of Zionism.

In Italy, unlike other European nations — except perhaps France, which is on the other side of the barricade — it is therefore the qualitative element that we need to take into maximum consideration in our evaluation of the Jewish problem. The Jewish population of Germany, Hungary, Poland and Romania has a very high percentage of individuals dedicated to the petty filthy business of being peddlers, second-hand dealers and usurers. The parasitism and vampirism of these people does not go beyond the strictly economic sphere, and indeed only affects the lower and superficial aspects of society.

Among our Jewish population, however, this type of Jew dedicated to petty business is far from representing the overwhelming majority, unlike in the aforementioned Nations. Instead, we have a very high percentage of Jewish professionals: officials, industrialists, professors, bankers: in other words, elements that are capable of taking over the command center of the Nation, capable of disseminating their poisonous, disintegrating and subversive action into the vital organs of the State. The action of these Jews, compared to that of the Jewish population of the ghettos, is comparable to the superficial action exerted on the human body by parasites, as opposed to the deep internal action of the tapeworm.

During the seventy years since the unification of the Kingdom of Italy, in an atmosphere of candid, blissful trust on the part of our educated classes — newly aspiring to bourgeois splendor — as well as our government authorities, our Jews have had the time and opportunity to occupy (or get their Masonic servants to occupy) all the organs of national life, more or less completely ascending to power.

Are you scandalized by this high-level infiltration? Tsk tsk! Was it not perfectly fair that individuals smarter than us would hold the command posts? [Sarcasm] You see, it was merely a just reward for having taught our bourgeois how to be smart, how to "live" and how to do their business on the margins of the law, and if necessary in defiance of the law. This is practically an art form they learned at school. Thus, that external freedom with which the right hand bears arms and signs treaties, which was finally obtained by Italy, was taken away by the left hand of Jewry, i.e. Judeo-Masonic insidiousness. The farce of sovereignty cloaked the tragedy of a renewed slavery to the occult powers of the Pluto-Masonic International, from whom we were only able to liberate ourselves with the Ethiopian War, at least in theory.

At the time when I attended the Polytechnic University of Milan, seven out of ten of the tenured professors were Jews. And this was not a rare case, because the Universities were completely dominated by Jewry. Besides the political and religious agnosticism of the Italian teachers, there was also a large percentage of Jewish teachers whose main objective was to sabotage our religious, historical and cultural traditions, acting with the most subtle and diabolical cunning against Romanity, to the point of erasing its very memory from the consciences of the youth. The university degree was essentially a diploma of atheism; even if not explicitly taught, in the schools we learned skepticism, pessimism and unethical social climbing. Our bourgeoisie, educated and raised in this soft university climate and materialistic culture, represents the masterpiece of Jewish planning: it is the most interesting example of how a youthful people can be made old, emptied of any noble thought and all masculinity, and turned into a herd of individuals willing to throw away their ancestral rights, race, history and civilization just for a little bit of wealth.

Other Nations have found their salvation by opening their eyes to the Jewish peril. To cite one example, the racial laws in Romania — which in fact are much harsher than ours — were enacted much earlier than those promulgated by us in 1938. For over forty years in Romania the Jew has had no right of citizenship, has had no right to own property, no right to exercise the so-called liberal professions, such as lawyer, engineer, professor; the Jew does not even have the freedom to live where he wants, since he can only live in those municipalities classified as "commercial" and not in the rural ones. Although the weight of these laws for the Jews who had fought in the ranks of the Romanian army was somewhat lightened after the Great War, the laws themselves were later restored and re-established after General Antonescu came to power. It is only by the restoration of these laws that Romania has been able to find salvation after the painful trials of the last decade, which more than once had led it to the brink of collapse.

Not so in France: today they know perfectly well who is responsible for their ruin. They recently published [a document containing] the percentage figures of Jews who occupied positions of authority and command in France immediately before the present war, especially among the members of the Government and Parliament. These figures give us an idea of how a supposedly "free and sovereign" Nation can be completely subservient to a clique of shysters, charlatans and foreigners.

If today it is universally admitted, at least in Europe, that the presence of the Jewish element brings not only the impoverishment of the people but also the corruption of customs, the destruction of all commercial and professional morals, the annulment of all spiritual values, without which it is impossible to transcend one's own person, for society and the Nation, one can well understand what disastrous effects being directly educated in the teachings of Jewry can have on the formation of consciences of young Italians.

And why did Jewry threaten to unleash such an insidious attack of the most ferocious Semitic imperialism against us, at a time when Italy — as a newly-unified country — was still not yet entirely out of its centuries-old slumber? We should see it as a sign of Jewish awareness that Rome was considered by them to be the greatest threat to the hegemonic goals of their race. And they know that we have the cold determination to eliminate this danger once and for all.

Let us not forget that the first attempt at bolshevization was carried out in Italy and that without the Duce, who knows how it would have ended. But Italians have very bad memories: they do not even remember that the Communist threat which we witnessed in the first three years of the post-war period was merely the final act of a drama that began in the last century, and that before the Great War other similar attacks against national well-being were carried out in Italy, such as the 1898 revolts in Milan and the failed attempt to create an "Ambrosian republic" as they have more recently done in Catalonia, Spain; this demonstrates the exquisitely political (rather than social) intentions of the movement. And the Italians have also forgotten that the first act of war made by the Duce was in fact against the Jews, the creators of Freemasonry, and that the Jews themselves — after three decades of anti-Fascist guerrilla warfare — officially declared war against us three years ago through the mouths of their Anglo-Saxon cronies.

This is the war of the Jews: they would not be the only losers, but they would certainly be the only winners; this is the war of gold against the sweat and blood of the proletarian peoples; it is the war that — [if we lose] — will give the Synagogue world domination through the bolshevization of Europe. This is why we must recognize the existence of a Jewish problem unique to Italy, without any sentimental or mental reservation, and must get to the bottom of it with intelligence, tenacity and resoluteness.