Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Wolves, the Sheep and the Shepherds

(Published in Corrispondenza Repubblicana, February 3, 1944)

By Anonimous

From our microphones we have already reported the news about the violent attack launched by the Bolshevik newspaper Izvestia against the Holy See. It is hardly necessary to point out that the aforementioned newspaper, as well as its sister newspaper Pravda, can not print a single word unless it has been approved by the political office of the Bolshevik party.

In this case, as in all manifestations of Russian life, the voice is none other than the master, Marshal Stalin. First of all, we must point out that the attack has a distant origin, namely in the United States. In Roosevelt's happy country there is an association for foreign policy which has studied the attitude of the Holy See towards Fascism. Among other things, the association concluded that "the Vatican's recognition of the conquest of Abyssinia was a very imprudent act". Influenced by the work of this American association, the editor of Izvestia, Petrov, decided to write the article we are discussing. The attack therefore is of American origin, and was later resumed by the press in Moscow.

The fact that the Vatican is fought and detested in the United States is not surprising. It matters little that there are twenty million Catholics, a number that has remained unchanged for decades, and that those Catholics are almost exclusively Polish, Italian and Irish immigrants. The so-called Stellar Republic is a country profoundly, incurably, physiologically beyond any religion. The only God that is on their altars is gold. Even more than Russia, Rooseveltian America is truly a godless country. There are forty million self-declared atheists, professing atheism and gathered in a powerful association which aims to spread this doctrine.

The other eighty million Americans, including fifteen million blacks, are divided into 323 religious sects, many of which are authentic manifestations of madness and stupidity, almost carnivalesque, but always second fiddle to money and business.

A country that bears such "gangs" in its womb is, to say the least, incapable of comprehending Roman Catholicism and of evaluating its centuries-old religious and historical significance. In short, even from this point of view, it is perfectly in line with its Bolshevik friend in Moscow. Roosevelt completes Stalin and vice versa.

Having thus established what gave rise to the article by Izvtstia, it is not surprising that Petrov took the opportunity to perfect and complete the attack which began in America. Petrov says verbatim:
"The most significant aspect with which to judge the politics of the Holy See is given by the attitude assumed by the Vatican at the time of the victorious adventure of Hitler and Mussolini when they intervened in the Spanish War.
In June 1940, the Vatican remained absolutely silent in the face of Mussolini's aggression against France, and it is symptomatic that among the first states to recognize Petain's Government, imposed by Hitler, was the Vatican itself. Under Fascism, the Vatican was a puppet of the Regime, which is today hated by the popular masses. The support given to Hitler and Mussolini has discredited the Vatican's foreign policy and has placed it in a position of direct correlation with Fascism."
There is no need to argue with Mr. Petrov. Our task is not to defend Vatican policy. We limit ourselves to simply pointing out the following: the decidedly hostile position taken against the Vatican by American circles very close to Roosevelt, and the immediate declaration of solidarity with these circles by Russian political leaders. The attack is therefore concentric. A pincer move. It fits right in with the blackmail being made against Argentina and the brutal pressure currently being exerted on Franco's Spain, two eminently Catholic countries. Now it is the Vatican's turn. We must not delude ourselves into thinking that it is merely the Vatican's "politics" that are being called into question. This is a maneuver. They begin with politics in order to mask and better prepare the next phase of the attack. Today they talk about "the Vatican"; tomorrow the objective will be the Church itself...

Italian Catholics must be uniquely blind if they do not comprehend the extreme gravity of this preliminary act of hostility by the Americans and Russians.

And the greatest proof of this blindness is provided by those Italian Catholics who wish for an Allied victory, the same Allies who are outside of Catholicism and against the Church of Rome.

Protestant, Orthodox and atheist wolves are in the immediate vicinity of the Catholic sheepfold. The godless Vyshinsky stands between Brindisi and Bari.

If we want to save the flock, then the shepherds must be vigilant.